Some Protest Music for Today's Youth

by The Love Songs

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Dronemusic is interesting if you can't figure out where the different elements come from, and it's even better if you hear things that happen ‘between the tracks'.
60's Minimal-Music composers like Riley, Glass or Reich were experimenting with such effects by extreme repetition and orchestral multilayering. when Brian Eno created his 'Music For Airports', he intended to find a new form of music, neither addicted to Classical nor Pop-Music. Lou Reed's 'Metal Machine Music' explored the raw power of distorted guitar and feedback, ignoring the formalities of any music heard before. But although Eno himself invented the term Ambient-Music, I don't want to use it in here.

When Simon and Me were recording Milhaven's Bars Closing Down LP, we were sitting right between these guys that played as loud as possible and our ears kept ringing even hours later. I was surprised finding many sounds missing when I listened to the recordings afterwards. Sometimes it's only the volume that creates certain overtones, but if you zoom very, very close into the music, you may find similar effects. That's what I did.

Thanks to all folks that i was able to work with (check Wixel, Item, Jasmin and Tupolev), and especially Milhaven for inspiration, Andrey Kiritchenko of Nexsound for the lovely remix and Isao at ON-LI for hosting the tracks.


released August 31, 2005




Swift Music Berlin, Germany

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